Final Piece with New Titles!

final + titles from Annisha Maraj on Vimeo.

This is my final, finished piece. I have changed the font of my titles to add more criminality to my piece, I also changed the music when a new character is introduced to show the difference in status.


EVALUATION:Q1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

evaluation q1 from annisha maraj on Vimeo.

The definition of a crime film is that it is a film that focuses on the lives of criminals, the stylistic approach to a crime film varies from realistic portrayals of criminals to the farfetched evil doings of imaginary villains. Criminal acts are almost always glorified in these types of movies.

Many british crime movies such as ‘Kidulthood’,’Adulthood’, ‘Bullet Boy’ and ‘Top Boy’, feature kidnappings, gun crime,ransoms, gangs and many other criminal acts. Therefore my opening sequence conforms to the conventions of a crime movie, as a business man organises for someone to be kidnapped and killed by a gang member.

In many british crime movies the main characters are played by men. My product conforms to this convention as my main character is a man. British crime films have used ‘chavs’ consistently in films, stereotypically ‘chavs’ are more likely to be seen as part of a gang, using this convention another of my characters is dressed in a tracksuit, with a bandana around his face, suggesting to the audience he does not want his identity to be known.

I wanted my piece to have an ‘urban,city’ feel to it.To achieve this I used shots of city lights and an empty car park, to show my audience that my piece was set in an ‘urban’, built up area.The shots of the city lights were similar to other films such as ‘Top Boy’ and ‘Ill Manors’, which are both based in the city of London.

Crime films usually feature guns, taking this into consideration, I used a gun in my piece. Other props that feature in my piece are a black Nissan, an IPhone, and a sack which is placed over the victim’s head. Phones are commonly used in crime films to make deals and discuss meeting points. Big vehicles such as vans and jeeps are usually used in kidnappings, and in many movies the victim’s face is usually covered with some sort of sack or blindfold.

My titles are based on the style of a typewriter which can be associated with a police report, I felt that this corresponded with the conventions of a crime movie, enhancing the criminality within my piece.

In conclusion,I feel that through the use of locations, props, characters and titles my piece both uses and develops conventions of real media products. Making my piece more desirable towards my target audience.

EVALUATION:Q2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Question 2 from annisha maraj on Vimeo.

A social group is a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity. In order to evaluate how social groups are represented in my media product I can look at both my main male character ‘the boss’ and the ‘gang member’

Many films such as ‘Kidulthood’,’Bullet Boy’ portray a very specific stereotype when it comes to their characters. The characters that appear in the movies are generally considered to be ‘chavs’ or ‘gang members’ taking this into consideration, one of my characters is dressed in a ‘chavy’ tracksuit. By using this stereotype, it allowed me to conform to the conventions of this specific type of crime film, potentially attracting similar audiences.

Also in these movies there is some sort of ‘boss’ an example of this is shown in ‘Kidulthood’ where Cornell John plays the character ‘Uncle Curtis’. ‘Uncle Curtis’ is heavily involved with guns within this movie whilst having his own ‘gang’ to run about for him. One of my characters conforms to this stereotype within my piece as ‘Uncle Curtis’ in ‘Kidulthood’ is dressed in a professional manner unlike the members of his gang who are dressed in tracksuits, my character who is considered to be the ‘boss’ is also dressed in a professional manner wearing a white shirt with a tie.

Both of my characters within my piece are of different ages. The ‘boss’ is obviously an older male whereas the character in the tracksuit is a younger male, this is also very similar to ‘Kidulthood’. My media product represents a particular social group as it is stereotypical to its genre, enticing certain social groups that may be interested in films such as ‘kidulthood’ to my piece.